Your already dark vision turns even darker as you pass out. You dream of chirping and yelling. What feels like seconds later, a light enters your vision and blinds you. Your head throbs as you sit up and realize that you’re on the ground. The sun is out and a bunch of puny humans in shiny metal are staring at you. Are those new ropes that are on your wrists? Whatever.

They look weary and a few are sporting injuries. Maybe you should’ve stayed awake and used whatever commotion happened to escape. It’s too late now though. You realize that you’re not in Kansa—, the forest anymore. The ground is made of white stones and buildings have replaced the trees. A crowd of even punier humans are hiding behind the slightly less puny humans, giggling at you as they point. Don’t they know it’s rude to point? Maybe you should shout at them.

Wait, no. Shouting means pain. You choose to stay silent as the shiny humans stare at you. You stare back. One of them opens its mouth. Their teeth are as yellow as yours. “What do ya think, ma’am? We got ‘im for 80 shekels.”

A harsh voice that sounds somewhat pleasant enters your ear and you turn your head. You see a large chested human with red hair that flows past her shoulders. She’s wearing an outfit made of green leather. “I think you paid too much, you buffoons. Look at him and his glazed over eyes! Can he even speak?”

“Eh? Tha—“

“I don’t want your excuses.”

The shiny human trembles and nods while clasping his hands together. It looks like this large chested human is the alpha. You were the alpha back in the forest. Then again, you were also the beta because you were the only troll in the region. The life of a single troll is harsh. Thinking those thoughts, you sigh and nod your head sagely. The large chested human blinks and rears away from you. Its nose curls up, and its mouth opens. “There’s something wrong with him.”

There’s nothing wrong with you. How preposterous. Luckily, you saved a fairy from a dung beetle once, and it blessed you with the ability to understand every language. You didn’t realize what that funny light did at the time and squished the fairy out of fear when she spoke. How heartless. No use crying over spilt blood.

“Well, we did hit ‘im o’er the head a couple times.” The shiny human scratches its head. Does it have lice? You remember its face and decide that it’s best to keep away from it. The human has a pathetic looking beard and a scar across its nose. One of its eyes was bigger than the other and half of its right ear was missing. You chuckle at its unfortunate looking face and every puny human stops to stare at you.

“The ‘ell you laughing at?” The shiny human picks a lump of wood off the ground and waves it at you. “Well, say something or I’ll bash yer ‘ead in.”

You freeze and look around at the puny humans’ expectant faces. Should you say something?

The choice is yours.


Stay silent.

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