Chapter 1

“Um, Sera, dear? What is that?” Vernon asked.

“It’s your son.” The sky blue dragon stared at Vernon.

“I see, my son. Yes, of course. How could I have been so silly as to not recognize my own flesh and blood?” Vernon said. She’s gone crazy. Absolutely insane.

Sera was sitting on her hind legs, rocking the infant with her front claw. “Isn’t he adorable? Say Mama, Vur. Say Mama.” The woman had told her the infant’s name was Johann, but Sera didn’t think it sounded very intimidating.

Grimmy let out a guttural laugh and slapped Vernon’s back with his claw. “Congratulations on the healthy boy. He has your hair.”

“But he doesn’t have ha-. Oh,” the red dragon said, “it’s true. He most certainly has a mane as fine as yours, Vernon.” The surrounding dragons let out a giggle. Vernon glared at the dragons. He turned to Sera and asked, “Why does he look so… human?”

Sera stared at him. “What part of him looks human? Why couldn’t you recognize a human when they stole our egg?”

“Ah, that was, ahem. Nevermind, I’m sure little Vur will grow up to be a fine dragon.” Vernon let out a cough and looked towards the sky.

“Of course he will. I imprinted him,” Sera said.

“YOU WHAT?!” All the dragons turned to stare at Sera.

“Did you really?” the red dragon asked with wide eyes.

“Yes, he’s one of us now. If any of you dare bully him,” Sera glared at the dragons. “I’ll kill you myself.”

“She’s really done it now. After all these years, she’s finally gone insane,” Vernon mumbled with his claws covering his face.

“Did you say something just now, dear?” Sera smiled at Vernon.

“No, I was only-“

“Volunteering to feed him? What a nice father you are,” Sera interrupted. She held Vur out towards Vernon and he had no choice but to accept. Vernon looked at Vur closely and saw his eyes were slit and the same color as Sera’s. She really did imprint him, Vernon thought with a sigh.

“Hello, Vur…” Vernon said. Vur looked into Vernon’s red eyes and let out a roar.

“Holy sh-.”

“No cursing in front of the child,” Sera said as she smacked Vernon’s snout with her claw. “I told you he was one of us.”

“A blue mage,” the silver dragon next to Grimmy whispered.

“Are we really taking in a blue mage?” Grimmy asked.

“Mage? What mage? All I see is a blue dragon. Isn’t that right, Sera?” Vernon asked.

“You really do learn well, honey,” Sera smiled at him. “I’m tired after that little excursion. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be taking a nap.”

“Wait. How many towns did you destroy?” the red dragon asked.

“Only seventeen. Now I really must go. Don’t forget to feed the baby, Vernon,” Sera said as she flew up into the air. Vernon stared at Sera’s rapidly shrinking figure.

“But. What does he eat?” Vernon sighed as he stared at the infant sitting on his palm.

“I heard the meat of magical beasts is great for improving human strength,” Grimmy said.

“But he doesn’t even have teeth? Can he eat that?” the red dragon asked.

Grimmy snorted. “Then let him drink their blood.”

“Let him drink their blood,” Vernon echoed.




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  1. Sengachi

    5/5 doctors recommend* the blood of the fallen for nourishing infant humans**.

    *When being questioned by angry dragons.

    **Dragons! Infant dragons! I said infant dragons!


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