Trying to Publish Blue Mage Book 3

I’m trying to get Amazon to publish Blue Mage Book 3 which I’ve titled A Demon and a Dragon, but they’re giving me a real tough time trying to make me prove I’m myself. I hope this post on my website where the content can be freely found will prove that I’m actually me and hold the rights to my own story, A Demon and a Dragon. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon and the book will be available in the kindle store.

New Story

I’m back from my break, hope you all had a nice New Years. I know I informed some people who asked that I’d continue The Godking’s Legacy after I finished Blue Mage Book 3, but I’d like to apologize because that isn’t the case. I haven’t thought up a satisfactory setting for TGL Volume 3 (timeskip(?), new location(?), ending(?)), and without those, I don’t feel like I’d be able do the story justice. Instead, I’ll be starting a new book (probably not going to be a series, it’ll most likely be short like VRMMO dragon and not as long as Demon’s Journey—though the title resembles DJ’s a lot (mainly because I’m uncreative)) called Zombie’s Journey. It’s a standalone that has nothing to do with Demon’s Journey. The setting is a post-apocalyptic earth. The main character is a zombie. There’s no magic. There probably won’t be any comedy. It’s written in first-person pov. Basically, completely different than what I normally write, so I’d like to apologize in advance if that puts some of you off. I promise I’ll start TGL Volume 3 after this story is done (most likely 3-6 (?) months from now, don’t quote me). Anyways, you can read the first chapter of Zombie’s Journey here: Chapter 1. There are currently two chapters, and the story will be updated once a day at the usual time: 9 AM EST. Thanks for reading, and I’m sorry for disappointing those folks who were waiting for TGL Volume 3.

The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons Book 3

It finally started (though it hasn’t felt like it’s been a long time). Back to writing every day. The short break I took was nice while it lasted. I might write another story concurrently, but if I do, it won’t be having daily updates. Blue Mage Book 3 definitely will be updating daily. You can read the first chapter here: Book 3 Chapter 1

Happy reading!

The Godking’s Legacy Volume 2 Afterword

I don’t think a separate page is needed for this, so I’ll just put this as a post. Thanks for reading Volume 2! I’ll be shelving it for a few months before going back to editing it and putting it on Amazon. In the meantime, I’ll be writing something else. I did say I’d start Blue Mage Book 3 after I finished Volume 2 of TGL, but at the same time, I’ve been reading a lot of modern day dungeon/gate fantasy novels and wanted to try writing one in that setting…. I might do both at the same time? Anyways, I’ll be taking a break for a few days before I start writing anything.