The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons
Inspired by blue mages from Final Fantasy. Blue mages learn skills from beasts. This is the story of one fortunate enough to be taken in by dragons.

Categories: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Tragedy , Original

Demon’s Journey
Palan is raised in the harsh world of the demon’s, depending on himself to survive while raising his sister. One day, his sister falls sick and he’s forced to make a deal with an angel in order to save her life. Unfortunately for him, that deal sends him a world away from his sister.

What happens when a ruthless demon is thrust into the world of the heavens above?

Categories: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Original

The Godking’s Legacy
A legendary sword is left behind as a legacy by his master, the Godking. Trapped for millenia, the sword’s spirit awaits the day he’ll be set free. Will his new master be worthy of inheriting the Godking’s legacy?

Categories: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Original
Warning: Contains profanity.


The Daily Diary of a VRMMO-playing Dragon
This is the story of a dragon playing video games to save the love of his life.

Categories: Action, Adventure, Comedy, LitRPG