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Thanks to all my readers for accompanying me on this story. It was an enlightening experience for me as a writer. I still have a lot to work on. Truthfully, I wanted to end the story after Palan reunited with Andrea, but that would’ve been a bad end for Raea and Palan, so it continued until that was resolved.

Since I graduated from college like a month ago, I’ll be free. Very, very free considering I’m also unemployed and not seeking a job. That means, two stories! But first, a week-long break. Maybe.

The next story that will start in a week will be The Godking’s Legacy. Part of it is already out and you can find it with a simple search. Blue Mage book 2 (name hasn’t been decided, recommendations welcome) will start August 1st. I’ll be updating them both daily. Demon’s Journey will be set aside for six months before I start editing and revising it. And it’ll probably take another six months or so for it to be ready for publication.

Also, thanks to Simon A. for supporting me on patreon.


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One thought on “Afterword

  1. yay

    I’m not sure how I feel about the massive personality shift Raea suddenly goes through in the end. Like her wrath shift was a lot more well developed? Overall I loved the story, just the actions of both Palan and Raea towards the end really pissed me off. It was to the extent I was hoping they would die and it would end with like other angels and halfings rebuilding their world or something. Then again all actions sort of make sense when you think of how their sins and virtues directly relate to their personalities. Well no point complaining now that its’ over!

    I was amazed with how as the chapters went on, I could almost see you improving. More descriptions, better dialogue, clunky sentences I saw in the beginning were gone by the latter half of the story. Great word choice and grammar and all that jazz(I caught a few errors but mostly like double typing a sentence/word that I didn’t comment because of how old the chapters were, sorry :P). Also, great job building such a wonderful world. This is the only story I’ve read so far on this site, and I’m scared to start another one because of how much time I spent reading.

    Okay I’ve said a lot so: tldr:
    Great story, great world, some annoying bits, slightly rushed ending, and amazing job always staying true to the characters and never making them too “normal” or “human” (although this was what kind of annoyed me, but that just shows how invested I was in your novel)

    It was magnificent, looking forward to reading more from you.



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