Wow. It’s finally over. Maybe. Book 1 is over, but book 2 starts here!

First of all, I’d like to thank all the readers who’ve stuck with me from the beginning to the end. All of you are awesome.

And now what you probably want to hear. I will be writing a new story, still have around 7 different ideas to play around with (not sure which one to choose just yet).
Demon’s Journey (complete) and The Godking’s Legacy (ongoing).

I’ll be working on making The Blue Mage Raised by Dragon into a proper novel form. There were way too many scene switches to be an appropriate story if I mashed it all together and called it a book, haha. So lots of editing will need to be done on that. I’ll be writing the new story concurrently. I’ll let y’all know when the book is finished through the new story and the website. Thanks for reading!
The book is done and available here:

Oh, and some more stuff. Like donations and what not. Here’s a patreon I set up, if any of you want to fund my caffeine addiction. There’s some neat (in my opinion) rewards, haha.

Final words. After a while, when I get better at writing settings and descriptions and plot, I’ll revisit The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons and have Vur visit Fuselage. Oh, and I have a facebook setup for my author page at if you want to ask me any questions/leave comments.

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Book 2 Chapter 1

10 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. AvidFan

    Thanks for the story! Read it all in 3-4 days. (I just couldn’t put it down. I found it after reading up to the latest chapter in Demon’s Journey, which I found on TWF. It’s always nice to see something new pop up there.
    Thank you for the laughs and happy ending.
    (I spent a dozen or so chapters worrying that the worms would infect a dragon.)

    The only thing I disliked was the time paradox, but that’s just because I dislike time travel as a plot device (back in time, forward is fine), but I still enjoyed it. Although I’m left wondering if the worms actually have an origin. (Perhaps the worms taken back in time were all actually destroyed, but the prince searched for and found the originals?)
    Seems like a possible plot element if you do make a sequel set in Fuselage.

    Lastly, I have to say that it’s nice reading a story from start to finish again. I have so many web serials that I read, all ending with cliff hangers between chapters.
    Lastly lastly:

    1. Virlyce Post author

      Thank you too for the kind words! I’m glad the story made you laugh and that you were able to enjoy the story. 🙂

  2. RandomCitizen

    Damn, that was awesome. Read the whole thing in a day, I just couldn’t stop.
    Those skeletons, man, that song cracked me up. And the dragons and Vur doing crazy sh*t… Ooooh, so good. You got a great sense of humor there.
    It’s a shame so few people know of your work. Consider it recommended.
    I’ll be checking out your work from now on! 😀

  3. mdoctorwho2000b

    I started reading this story cause I read the Igor part of Demon’s Journey and I wanted something not sad to read so I wouldn’t be sad. I just finished reading this story, and I loved it and almost every character in it. I hated Michelle, Dustin, and Mina. Usually I put myself into a lot of male characters shoes to see what I would do instead of them. When I put myself in Joshua’s shoes, I just hated Michelle. Even if it wasn’t stated, it was kinda pointing towards Michelle wanting to sleep with Johann. I really wished that Joshua would just make Johann step on her. When I first saw Zollstock, I thought he might be a masochist, and it looked like he loved his family. Mina didn’t show anything that showed she hated him. There was a point after she fired Dustin where she sighed, but that just showed she might have had a connecton with him in the past that she didn’t want to remeber. When Mina told Tafel her father might have killed the demon lord and that he tortures a lot of people, I didn’t really think Tafel would care since she’s dating the son of dragons who destroy towns all the time. In the prologue, Sera was literally about to stomp on a mother and her child for REVENGE when Sera probably didn’t even care about Johann that much since she didn’t even try to get him back. Even the fairies tortured people with worms even after their flowers were moved by Charon. Zollstock was trying to use the worms for probably one of two reasons. Either he was trying to prepare for any future threats his kingdom was going to suffer, or he was trying to destroy the humans and elves to prevent all future threats from destroying his kingdom (at least that’s what I thought it looked like). Tafel shouldn’t even care that Zollstock killed the previous demon lord since she asked Chad to train her and he killed her father who was the demon lord. None of Zollstock’s children cared when he died. Tafel should at least like her dad more since he approved of her being with Vurr unlike her mother. After Laffel dies, we see Mina maybe a week or a month after his death, and she doesn’t look sad at all. She was too busy screwing Dustin to care. Half of the characters we know would probably commit a massacre just for their goals. Tafel states that she barely knew her father, but that wasn’t because he didn’t spend time with her. It was because he died when she was 6 by a man who only killed her father so his friend could sleep with her mother. I just can’t understand why Tafel would suddenly hate her father and Mina never showed she hated Zollstock until after she stated so, which literally came out of nowhere. I just really liked Zollstock and found no reason to hate him. Vurr even states that there’s always a reason for something. Why does the fairy queen get a pass, but Zollstock is just evil. Anyway, I don’t understand why you killed Joshua, or why the fairy queen went to such lengths to kidnap them. She probably knows that if she fights the dragons, she will lose, so why did she reveal her position instead of gathering a bunch of worms and putting them in every city to get her revenge? Those are the only things that bothered me throughout your story other than needing more Snuffles and skeletons. It was perfect in every other way, and I will probably reread it multiple times. Sorry for critisizing it too harshly, I really liked it, and I’ll probably post another of these as soon as I catch up to Demon’s Journey. I really hope you make a sequel.

    1. Virlyce Post author

      Thanks for the well-thought-out comment, and I’m glad you enjoyed the story despite the parts you mentioned. A sequel is planned, but after Demon’s Journey or even later than that. 🙂


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