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The Daily Diary of a VRMMO-playing Dragon and The Godking’s Legacy Volume 2 Announcement

Well, that new story finished awfully quick. I started The Daily Diary of a VRMMO-playing Dragon on December 11, 2017 and finished February 20, 2018. I’m not sure how Amazon worthy this book is though, haha. Anyways, The Godking’s Legacy Volume 2 is going to start this Saturday, February 24, 2018 (unless I decide to start it earlier).

As always, thanks for reading!

(And about those sponsored chapters, they’ll come out for The Godking’s Legacy Volume 2 unless the people who donated e-mail me otherwise. Sorry about the really long delay!)

The Godking’s Legacy – Epilogue

Volume 1 of The Godking’s Legacy comes to an end. It comes out to ~155k words, which is about the same as Blue Mage Book 1. A kindle version will come out eventually. I’m not sure when I’ll be starting Volume 2 as writing two stories at once really is draining.
Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the story.

Read the Epilogue here: Epilogue

Blue Mage Audiobook and New Chapters

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything (about a month now?). The road trip was alright, ended a while ago if you haven’t noticed. Anyways, The audiobook version of The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons is available through the books Amazon page.

Chapter 17 of The Godking’s Legacy is wrapping up today, 18 will start tomorrow. I think the story will end somewhere around chapter 22-25 (don’t quote me on this). Currently, the story is a little over 100k words.

Blue Mage Book 2 is still updating daily, about 2/5ths of the way done. A tentative title I’ve thought up for it is ‘The Kingdoms Razed by Dragons’. What do you think?

Demon’s Journey … still remains untouched. I’ll probably start editing/revising it come December and have a kindle version ready by June 2018.

GKL: Chapter 17 (6)

Blue Mage: Book 2 Chapter 62

The Godking’s Legacy Chapter 11 (3) + Blue Mage Book 2 Chapter 24

I’m going on a roadtrip from California to New York. Not sure how long it’ll take, but I won’t be writing in that time (probably). There’s enough chapters in the Blue Mage backlog that daily updates will continue, but The Godking’s Legacy will be on hiatus until I arrive in NY.

Godking’s Legacy: Chapter 11 (3)

Blue Mage Book 2: Chapter 24

The Godking’s Legacy – Chapter 4 (5)

That weeklong break was nice (although I still wrote everyday :|). But now that it’s over, time to continue with the daily updates. Blue Mage Book 2 will still start in August; for now, I present you The Godking’s Legacy. A Xianxia inspired novel with a Japanese fantasy world setting. Let’s hope it works out.
Warning: Contains profanity.

Read the current chapter here: Chapter 4 Part 5

Or start at the beginning: (Including the synopsis (which isn’t really a synopsis, but still)!)