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The Godking’s Legacy Chapter 11 (3) + Blue Mage Book 2 Chapter 24

I’m going on a roadtrip from California to New York. Not sure how long it’ll take, but I won’t be writing in that time (probably). There’s enough chapters in the Blue Mage backlog that daily updates will continue, but The Godking’s Legacy will be on hiatus until I arrive in NY.

Godking’s Legacy: Chapter 11 (3)

Blue Mage Book 2: Chapter 24

The Godking’s Legacy – Chapter 4 (5)

That weeklong break was nice (although I still wrote everyday :|). But now that it’s over, time to continue with the daily updates. Blue Mage Book 2 will still start in August; for now, I present you The Godking’s Legacy. A Xianxia inspired novel with a Japanese fantasy world setting. Let’s hope it works out.
Warning: Contains profanity.

Read the current chapter here: Chapter 4 Part 5

Or start at the beginning: (Including the synopsis (which isn’t really a synopsis, but still)!)